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Mexican American & Latina/o Studies. 

    Doing something that is meaningful takes time, and no matter how small the step may feel or seem, everyday is a chance to move forward or make a difference. When it comes to the things that we care about most or the goals that we envision for our lives, one thing is for certain. Everyday is filled with the moments of our actions or inactions, and they collectively play a roll in creating whatever future we all end up arriving at, so what you do with each day matters and it makes all  the difference in the world.

   I was never more reminded of this as when I received this wonderful thank you letter from the students of The University of Texas in Austin, Saint Edwards in Austin, and Our Lady of the Lake University, in San Antonio Texas. Dr. Antonio Vásquez, Assistant Professor of Instruction for the Department of Mexican American & Latina/o Studies at the University of Texas in Austin reached out to me as I was doing advocacy work, outreach education, and volunteering on the maintenance of the memorial site where the 53 migrants passed away in San Antonio Texas on Quintana Road. Together we  coordinated A Day of the Dead Event and Celebration, where students would come and build an alter and present their Ofrenda  on sight, with sympathy and remembrance for the 53 Migrants who lost their lives here. 

View their whole experience in this student short documentary film, 

  A teachable moment for exploring this tragedy through the lens of our Humanity, and expanding our empathy through the education and social awareness of our commonalities. It was a beautiful thing to watch these young leaders working together and building their alter and ofrenda, through the culmination of their subject studies on the political and social ramifications of this tragedy. The ability to see the world through someone else eyes with empathy, is the kind of understanding that will benefit the world in only positive ways. I am proud of the work we did here, but more importantly I am proud of the youth movement that is emerging and the level of engagement these young leaders have. 

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